Sunday, December 31, 2017

Too Soon (a Poem by Xeno Hemlock)

Too Soon
by Xeno Hemlock

I want to curse Time for taking you too soon,
denying you Christmas and next year’s June.
I want to hate the weather for raining today
because the last thing I need is a world that’s gray.
I want to shut the people, their voices annoy.
Instead I wish to hear the voice of a boy.
I want to denounce science, for despite knowing all,
it couldn’t save you from fading, couldn’t stop your fall.

I want to burn the churches, my prayers went unheard

but the choir still goes on along the chirping of birds.
I want to cut my heart out because it hurts to feel.
How can I accept that you’re gone for real?
I want to take my eyes out for I can no longer cry.
Tears have gone dry for this unexpected goodbye.
I want to have amnesia and forget that night
you flew up to heaven, into the divine light.

But what good will it do me and my memory of you

if I live in anger after we say adieu?
If my last image of you is a great masterpiece,
I’ll make it a picture of love and bliss.
I want to remember not your sadness but your delight.
I want to remember not your pain but your might.
I want to remember not your frown but your smile,
that your short life on Earth was all worthwhile.

I want to remember your angelic face,

laughter, spirit, and warm embrace.
I want to remember your name with peace
so anger and resentment I shall release.
Dear nephew I was lucky to have you in my life.
See you again sometime in the afterlife.
Until then with every sunshine I will recollect
your golden memories, with them I will not disconnect.

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