Monday, January 15, 2018

FREEDOM OF THE KITES (Shared by: #MyFriend Marissa)

I gaze through my dream windowpane
to marvel at the blue sky.
The freedom of the colorful kites
brings realistic pictures to my mind.

An ill-looking sky,
unhappy and hopeless,
because of a nation
that turned to annihilation.

Begging for food,
hungry children on the street
looked frail and sickly.
Tears fell on my cheeks.

More horrendous scenes,
more killings,
more pain,
more tears,
more fears.

But the warriors they are brave;
marching on, no retreat.
They never turn their heads,
confidence strong like steel.

In a fight full of challenges
and inevitable sacrifices
dissenters are emerging,
looking brave and inspiring.

How sad and odd though
we can't assure the honesty
of their hearts and minds?
I yearn for authenticity.

Some want to appear fancy
and are here only to seek
rewards for their own sake.
Yes, they make sick.

Why? Why? I ask myself.
Can this be real?
A country doomed...
Is our country doomed?

So I sigh, wondering,
if their vexatious deeds will end.
The wind carries my thoughts for a while
to a sky where free and colorful kites fly.



  1. �� for the country, �� for the poet and �� for poem.