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WHAT the Adoption of a Federal Government Philippine-Style Means to Every Filipino (by Philip Lustre, Jr.)

WHAT the Adoption of a Federal Government Philippine-Style Means to Every Filipino (by Philip Lustre, Jr.)

1. A federal government means more taxes.

Filipinos would have to cough out three taxes: national (or federal), state, and local taxes. The national and local taxes are already fixed by law in the form of national laws and provincial and city ordinances. They won't be easily changed.

Since the proposed constitutional changes means the division of the country into 18 federated states, its adoption would mean a new layer in the bureaucracy. Each federated state would have a State Government composed of the State Executive, State Legislature, and State Judiciary.

They would mean additional taxes to fund the additional layer. In the end, Juan dela Cruz would end up overtaxed. There's no escape from the over-taxation.

The proposed constitutional amendments being advanced by this government seek to empower the 18 federated states to impose new taxes to run their affairs. This makes the prospect of new taxes a certainty.

2. A federal system means a transition period, where the sick old man is envisioned to exercise dictatorial powers.

The current unitary system, despite its imperfections, is not exactly dysfunctional. Only the warped mind of the proponents of federalism view the unitary system as a function of the country's underdevelopment.

Moreover, only the warped mind of its proponents views federalism as the "cure-all" formula to resolve the country's underdevelopment. There is no such thing as a cure-all formula. It exists in the realm of fiction.

The proposed adoption of a federal system is a cover for a more sinister agenda, which is the perpetuation of the MAD triad in power. Its the political dynasties of the Marcoses (BBM an Imee), Arroyos (GMA and Mike), and Dutertes (sick old man and Sara) behind this evil agenda.

3. A federal system in the Philippines is a counterflow to history.

History shows that fragmented states have united into a sort of federation or confederation that leads to a federal government. The cases of Germany, Switzerland, and the United States point to this historical model. In the case of the Philippines, it is a single state that is being subdivided into 18 federated states. This goes against the trends in history.

If the proposed adoption of a federal government becomes a reality, any of 18 federated states could secede from the federal Philippines to form its own state. Or they could secede and join other federal states like Malaysia or even China. Or some states could form another federal state. Federalism could lead to dismemberment of the country.

This is the recipe for national suicide.

4. Only political families would benefit from a federal system Phl style.

Fat political dynasties would make every federated state their political fiefdom. Without a law implementing the constitutional ban on political dynasties, the Philippines is doomed the moment it adopts the federal system. It violates the basic principles of democracy. What would be installed under this system is kakistocracy, or the rule of the super elite



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  2. You're right,it is indeed a triumvirate composed of: