Thursday, November 22, 2018


"Be careful with Magdalo, be careful with the party Magdalo. Ito yung mga rebeldeng sundalo na nagkalat sa Makati pati sa Peninsula. And they destroyed everything, parang ISIS ang buwang.” - Rodrigo Duterte (November 16, 2018, speech in Papua New Guinea)

So this is what happens when the President takes power naps: vilifying the opposition.

First and foremost, the Magdalo are not terrorists. It is extremely flippant and utterly disrespectful for the President to liken us to terrorists. Being former soldiers, we have risked our lives on many occasions to fight terrorists and protect our country from enemies of the state.

Maraming beses nang minaliit at binastos ng kasalukuyang administrasyon ang ipinaglaban at patuloy na ipinaglalaban ng aming grupo. Mabuting ipaalala sa publiko na kami ay nagprotesta noon laban sa talamak na katiwalian ng administrasyong Arroyo, na ngayon ay nasa pwesto muli sa tulong ng nakaupong pangulo.

When we were assigned in different parts of the country, we saw first-hand the poverty and lack of government services for Filipinos. Worse, we saw the corrupt activities of government and military officials while the people and soldiers on the ground were struggling. This led us to stage the Oakwood and Manila Peninsula protests to air our grievances and expose the widespread corruption in government. We were eventually vindicated and one by one, the corrupt activities of the Arroyo administration were exposed to the public.

It was not our intention to sow fear or terror or to shoot it out with the military and police. In both the Oakwood and Manila Peninsula incidents, we did not fire a single shot nor harmed anyone. Iniligay namin ang tapang sa dapat paglagyan. 

What was important to us was for our message to be heard and acted upon. Ito ay aming ginagawa alang-alang sa ikabubuti ng mga kasamahan naming sa armed forces, ng buong institusyon ng AFP, at ng bayan na pinangakuan naming pagsilbihan ng tapat.

It is standing for our principles and our love for the country which led us to the Oakwood and Manila Peninsula incidents. I do not expect our transactional President, who sells our territory to China and betrays our country, to understand such values of patriotism and nationalism. 

The attacks that the President has been hurling against our group are part of intimidating and silencing the opposition which only highlights his dictatorial tendencies. Instead of answering the policy issues of subservience to China and the growing poverty of our people, the Duterte administration chooses to divert the attention of the people to baseless accusations and drama-filled rhetoric. 

Opposition is not destabilization. Contrary to what the President believes in, opposition is necessary for a democracy. Dissent should be viewed as points of improvement in governance to be able to forward more sound policies and improve government services. 

Finally, I hope that the President would give dignity to the office. Filipinos, regardless of political affiliation, want to be represented in the international stage by a true leader who acts and speaks accordingly and who they could be proud of.



Gary C. Alejano is a representative of the MAGDALO Partylist and a member of the 17th Congress. He will run for senator in the May 2019 elections as part of the 8-member opposition slate. You can follow him on and

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