Saturday, April 13, 2019


Every story has two sides. You have to listen to both and find out which story you have to believe. 

If you watch this video, you’ll find out who’s playing the minds of Filipinos. Bong Go has had tattoos. They're either concealed or removed, and ventosa is a lie. Why?

• If Bong Go is really a member of TRIAD as Bikoy claimed, tattoos are concealed because removing them is against the TRIAD’s rule.

Bong Go could have shown his back right after Bikoy’s video. He shouldn’t go for ventosa if he planned to show his back. 

You cannot dispute the fact that Bong Go has tattoos on his back in the video. Showing his back is just a propaganda. Whether the tattoos were concealed or removed, questions raised by Bikoy's revelations remain.

As tax payers, voters and Filipinos, it’s our right to know the TRUTH. If Bikoy's revelations are proven to be true, the Dutertes, Bong Go, and everyone else involved are big threats to our country. As I have said, every story has two sides. We must listen to both to find out which story we have to believe. 


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